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As a writer who’s been commercially published several times, I’ve been asked about my road to publication. Most assume I sat down and zipped through my first novel, sent it off for publication, and presto! I became a published author.

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Pamela Thibodeaux A Finalist in The International Digital Awards

Keri’s Christmas Wish: an Inspirational Christian fiction with paranormal elements.   For as long as she can remember, Keri Jackson has despised the hype and commercialism around Christmas so much she seldom enjoys the holiday. Will she get her wish and

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Paranormal Love Story $.99

THE HOUSE ON SERPENT LAKE: A Haunting Story of Timeless Love: Kindle Edition If you haven’t read it, now’s your chance.  Grab your copy for only $.99! Amazon:    

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by Maris Soule I’ve seen several discussions regarding writers losing the initial excitement they had when they started writing. Some of that loss, I believe, is due to reality replacing the anticipated results of being published; i.e., our book hitting

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More Suffering

I’m in agony this morning. While I’m thrilled the temps have cooled enough to open windows and doors, I’m also suffering the tortures of the addicted. Food addiction. Ever since my life drastically changed a few years ago and I

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SoCal Orange Empire Writers League

My new writers group will meet for the first time tomorrow evening – Thursday the 19th – and the topic will be The 5 Tiers of Publishing. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone, and I know we’ll have a great

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Sent New Query

Still no word yet, so today I sent another new query. Hope I hear something soon. In the meantime, I’m ‘power thinking,’ trying to come up with a new, fantastic idea. Tomorrow I’ll start the process over again, checking emails,

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Radio Interview

I just completed my first radio show and even now, almost an hour later, I still feel like throwing up. You’d think, since I’m a mature woman, at least according to my gray hair, that I’d have more confidence when

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