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Kindle Thriller Special Offer!


What readers are saying:

This is an amazing story of strength

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Ten Times Guilty – FREE Download!

TTG2forWebsite300FREE Kindle download today, Dec 30, 2012

A single mother struggles for worth after a vicious attack, a police sergeant seeks redemption for a crime he didn’t realize he had committed – until the victim died.

Keep watch for the next FREE download,  and/or check Facebook for updates:

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Windows: Family life stories of Love, Pain, and Hope for the Future

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New Book Trailer

The book trailer for With Full Malice is finished, and I’m thrilled. The creator, local writer and artist Arial Burnz, did a fantastic job of capturing the high points of the novel. And the video is so creepy that I love it. Please watch it and let me know what you think. It’s in the sidebar, or feel free to click on the link below. The hardback book will be released approx April 11, 2012 from 5 Star Gale/Cengage.

youtube – With Full Malice:


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Although I’ve had two novels previously published by a small indie, I’ve never had an ARC – Advanced Reader Copy, a mock copy of my novel to send to reviewers. The actual release date for With Full Malice is March 2012, but my new publisher creates ARCs several months in advance. I’ve been watching the publishing process, eager to see my first one.


Today I was told I should have my copy within the next thirty days! Hooray! I can’t wait.

I’ve been thinking about how to share it – after I’ve devoured it end to end, taken photos of hugging it and dancing around in glee. Perhaps holding a contest and giving it to the winner. Or doing something else to celebrate this exciting next step.

Any ideas?


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Exciting Next Step

I’ve been informed that my mystery/thriller novel, With Full Malice, has been sent to the publisher’s art department  for a cover.

How exciting!

The director said they’ll be designing a cover for the ARCs, Advanced Reading Copies. The publisher then sends the ARCs for reviews.

I can’t wait to see the cover. Will it be dramatic? Intriguing? Will it hint of murderous evil-doers?

What an exciting time for an author.

I’m still calm, though. But once the ARCs are debuted to the world – at least the reviewer’s world – I’m sure I’ll be a basket case. After all, my creation will be read and judged by the so-called authorities, the experts who are supposed to know a good book when they read it. They’ll read and mark it for the public – worth reading or not.

Of course I’ll be hoping for a good mark, but still, I can’t help but remember the age-old adage, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’

If that’s true, doesn’t a good book lie in the mind of the reader?

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I just received the news that Beyond the Quiet has hit Amazon’s top 100 Bestsellers in the Kindle Suspense genre.

And I’m thrilled. I’m going to take a screen shot so that no matter what happens from here, I’ll always remember the thrill I’m feeling right now.

I’ve received quite a few reviews in the past few days, some good and some pretty darn terrible. And that’s ok. I know not everyone will like my stories. I don’t like everything I read and I’m even disappointed at times by my favorite authors. When we make our work available to the public, we put ourselves at risk. Par for the course.

But most of the bad ones refer to the sex scenes and I’m surprised. I’ve seen graphic sex in some of the major publisher’s books, so I didn’t realize how many people were still offended by them. One said it was ‘gratuitous sex’ but on that point I have to disagree. I gave a lot of thought to those scenes and decided to go all the way – no pun intended. I wanted to show my character’s ‘flowering,’ in every way and that even a woman who has been married over twenty years can still be awakened by someone who loves her.

Maybe I’m a romantic at heart, maybe I still believe you can find true love while finding yourself. And this is the journey my character undertakes. Most of all, she’s on a journey to find herself.

I love this story, and no matter what I’ve written since or will write in the future, Beyond is still my favorite. Perhaps because, as a few readers have guessed, I put a lot of ‘me’ in the story.

I just haven’t found my Terry O’Neal yet, but Lisa’s story gives me hope.

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A Collection of Six Short Stories

Windows, my collection of six short stories, is now available on Kindle:

Daniele Serra, a fantastic artist, did the cover for me and I love it. Thanks, Daniele.

The stories are:


With a failing marriage, a pre-teen son, and a mother with Alzheimer’s, Karen struggles with anger and helplessness. Then a stray dog enters her life.

A Southerner Moves to Minnesota:

When my husband suggested moving from Denver to a northern Minnesota suburb, I wasn’t sure. Forty below zero? But sometimes life can be an adventure worth exploring, frozen lakes and all.

Am I Wife or Daughter?

Based on my struggle with my mother’s care, I wrote about Carol, who agonizes over the dilemma of choosing between her mother and her husband. Then, when a life most precious is endangered, she realizes there are no choices at all.

Thoughts of Yesterday:

A mother whose grown son lives in a different state remembers his childhood on his birthday.

My Hapless Husband:

When your husband retires after twenty-four years of marriage, you expect a chance to renew your romance. Instead, his early-morning cheerfulness was too much to bear. The solution? Murder.

The Face on the Sketchpad:

As a sketch artist for law enforcement agencies along the Front Range of the Rockies, Dana MacFarland had seen her share of bruised flesh. To prepare for her work with the teenage victim of a violent crime, she’d studied the police file and had visited a crisis center to get a feel for working with battered women. She thought she was prepared. But nothing prepared her for Cassy Walker.

Stop by and take a look. If you read them, feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

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