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Publishing and its Vagaries

by Susan Oleksiw

susan-oAbout a year ago those of us who publish with Five Star learned that things were changing. I thought this meant the end of the Anita Ray series, and wasn’t sure if I could continue it with another publisher. To my surprise, I sold the two books in the series to Harlequin, for their worldwide mystery club. The Wrath of Shiva came out in mass market paperback on November 1.

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With Full Malice ebook

WithFullMaliceFront4Website200Just one more day until the ebook release!

“A likable heroine, a deadly conspiracy, a white-knuckle climax – Brenda Hill’s With Full Malice has it all!”
Michael Prescott, New York Times bestselling author of Stealing Faces

“Arresting premise, story holds your interest.”
Kirkus Reviews

“From its opening chapter to its stunning conclusion, WITH FULL MALICE is a thought-provoking, first-rate novel.”
The Big Thrill
International Thriller Writers  

With Full Malice


March 21, 2013 · 6:41 pm

New Book Trailer

The book trailer for With Full Malice is finished, and I’m thrilled. The creator, local writer and artist Arial Burnz, did a fantastic job of capturing the high points of the novel. And the video is so creepy that I love it. Please watch it and let me know what you think. It’s in the sidebar, or feel free to click on the link below. The hardback book will be released approx April 11, 2012 from 5 Star Gale/Cengage.

youtube – With Full Malice:


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With Full Malice’s ARCs arrived!

That magical day finally happened. My novel’s ARCs arrived!

ARCs – Advance Review Copy – the publisher sends to reviewers.

They send a few extra to the authors for reviews the authors may want to personally contact.

What an exciting day. I knew they were on their way and I watched the mail as if I were expecting a million-dollar check. When they finally arrived, I was so excited I nearly cried.

My publisher had previously sent the cover to me for approval, so I knew what it would look like, but when I opened the box and saw my novel in book form in all it’s glory, I hugged it to me and danced with glee.

Each one looks like a trade paperback, altho on the cover underneath my name and enclosed in a white oval are the words:

NOT FOR SALE. In smaller words, ‘Advance Uncorrected Proof.’

Also on the cover, my first review from NY Times bestselling author, Michael Prescott:

“A likeable heroine, a deadly conspiracy, a white-knuckle climax – Brenda Hill’s With Full Malice has it all!”

How thrilling is that?!

The novel will be released in April 2012 in hardcover edition.

Now, while I wait the official release date, I’m also waiting, eagerly, yet a bit apprehensively, to see what reviews come in. Oh, I hope they’re good ones. Will the reviewers like it? A lot? Sorta? Trash it? I never know how others will receive the stories I want to tell. I can only write them the best way I can, edit and revise, edit and revise again and again until they shine.

I’ll let everyone know – well, if they’re good ones.

Keep watching . . .


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Waiting is Murder on Nerves

It’s been nearly four months since I submitted my manuscript to a publisher and I still haven’t received a yea or nay.

“Write another novel,” they say.

Sure thing.

I’m trying, but one eye and both ears are glued to that little icon and the ding from my inbox, and each time a new message appears, my heart squeezes until I can barely breathe. Is it THEM? If so, do I want to read it? Of course I do, but as each writer knows, especially the ones like me who aren’t established on the national market, it also brings terror. What if it’s a rejection? What then?

Oh, I’ve handled rejections before. During the years I was first learning the mechanics of fiction writing, they nearly debilitated me. Worse, no one explained the couple of scribbled lines that said they didn’t want  my work, so I was left wondering. Why the rejection? What was wrong? Was it the story? My writing? All I could do was study more, try to learn more, and write more. A lot more.

Now, several years later, I’ve had a couple of novels published with a small indie and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my short story in a national magazine. I wrote features and restaurant reviews for my So Cal newspaper, but my passion is for the novel, so I spent most of last year cocooned in to write my latest, a mystery/thriller, With Full Malice. When I wasn’t home writing, I interviewed professionals – a police sergeant, EMTs, a newspaper editor, and did a lot of research. And finally, after a year, my masterpiece was complete.

Then came the edits, edits, and more edits, then the submissions.

After a respectable length of time, the publisher wrote back saying, “Your novel has successfully passed the first round of reviews, now we wait for the final word.”

That was over a month ago.

I think I’ve stalled on the new novel, but I’m trying. It was a lot easier to write when my attention wasn’t always on the Inbox. And it doesn’t help to write on my other computer, the one not connected to the Internet. I just wander back to my desk to check – again and again.

So. While I know it takes time to review a manuscript, especially with all the submissions today, I wish some magical book fairy would come to my rescue and tell me my latest would be published. Oh, how I wish that were possible. I believe, oh yes I believe in book fairies. Maybe she’ll head my way if I tempt her with cookies. Chocolate chip? Sugar? Ok, I’ll bring out the big guns: White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.

Is that a ding I heard? Yes! It’s the Inbox icon. Is it them?

With Full Malice:

When a shortage of reporters forces traumatized restaurant reviewer Madison Young to cover an execution-style murder in her quiet California town below Big Bear, she has no idea her life is about to change. Reluctantly interviewing a witness, she jots down one word, one seemingly insignificant word that will link to a chain of murders across the country, and to a secret society, a vast and deadly organization that will stop at nothing to protect its secrets. She traces clues, shocked when they reveal a connection to the man who slaughtered her parents, horrified when the evidence leads to her own grandmother, the gentle woman who raised her after her parents were murdered.

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