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The Sketchpad

I’ve been wavering between writing another paranormal or going back to the mystery/thriller genre and I’ve finally decided—rather a certain character has me more intrigued right now, so, I’ve begun a new mystery/thriller with a touch of the paranormal:


After a near-fatal accident down a Colorado mountainside, a police sketch artist awakens from a coma with visions of murder, compelling her to join the search for a serial rapist who’s escalated to murder. Coming to terms with her new ability taxes her marriage, threatens her sanity, and finally, her life.

Hope you’ll like it!

Brenda Hill 



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Beyond the Quiet

BQ100Beyond the Quiet, a novel about a middle-aged woman who learns to live after her husband dies, has some of the most contentious reviews on Amazon.

Most say they didn’t like the sex scenes while others said the character was bi-polar. Another said I was the bi-polar one. One reader questioned my writing ability.

Yet it’s been praised by others, such as Coffee Time Romance. Even tho Beyond isn’t a typical romance with a Happily Ever After ending, they awarded the book The Coffee Time Reviewer’s Award.

So who’s right? I guess the old saying, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” applies also to reading.

The novel is available now on Kindle Select, which mean if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you may borrow it and read for FREE! Or watch for the FREE download dates at the end of December.

So read for yourself – and let me know what you think. I’m interested.

Beyond the Quiet:

After twenty-five years of marriage, Lisa Montgomery thinks her husband’s death is the worst that can happen. Then she receives a notice about his secret post office box.

Beyond the Quiet shares the story of one woman’s struggle though bitterness, loss, and betrayal. It’s the story of how a quiet, passionless widow becomes spirited enough to climb onto her lover’s shoulders for a piggyback ride in the nude.

Beyond the Quiet, Amazon Kindle



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Orange Empire Writers League

My writers group met for the 4th session last Thursday, and we’re coming along beautifully. We help each other, and I love to share what I’ve learned along the way.

During our meetings, we cover topics important to our careers, and for our next one, we’ll each write a One Page Synopsis and bring it for a critique.

Some past topics:

  •  Loglines or Your Novel’s Hook Line
  •  Opening Paragraphs
  •  Manuscript Mechanics: Take Your Manuscript from Amateur to Professional, and in our first meeting, we discussed,
  • 5 Tiers of Publishing

We’re also forming a critique group, so if you’re a writer, check out the website for more information and join us.

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2nd Round

I went through my manuscript and corrected the errors/typos my editor flagged, but wasn’t sure how to correct the unexplained event. Finally, after a couple of days of ‘power thinking,’ I figured it out, wrote it, and sent the manuscript back to the editor. She seemed happy with my addition.

But something kept nagging at me, so, since we’re ahead of schedule, I asked if I could go through it once more. Graciously, she sent it back to me.

I cranked up the font and I’m really looking at it, reading sentences, wondering why on earth I wrote this or that sentence the way I did. So I’m revising again, and now I’m about halfway through. If I had my way, they’d have to pry my manuscript from my fingers to print the darn thing, yet I want to be through with it so I can concentrate on the next novel.

Besides, I can’t wait to see the cover.


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