Great Opportunity to Read Two Novels from a Fantastic Writer – in Exchange for Honest Reviews.

LHP wchain final copy  EDGE 12 Final

Looking for a good book (or two)? For a limited time I am offering .pdf copies of Love’s Hidden Promise and/or The Edge of Autumn absolutely free in exchange for an honest review at Amazon.

Reply on my blog, or email me to get your copy!

LOVE’S HIDDEN PROMISE: A woman with no future, a man with no past. A mysterious medallion that can change both of their lives.


M. Jean Pike


From Brenda:

Even though I read Love’s Hidden Promise when it was first published, I read it again and still cried at the ending.

Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this opportunity! If you’re interested, contact her through her blog:

M. Jean Pike’s blog


I'm an author, editor, and writing coach, specializing in a novel's opening chapter. I've begun a critique group in Calimesa, CA, so if you're a serious writer in the area - pro, aspiring, no matter the genre - who would like feedback on your work, join us: You can always contact me through my websites:

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