Two NewAdditions

I’m stocking up on kitty litter and food for my two new additions Wednesday: a kitten and an adult cat, both from the county animal shelter. I’m so excited! But I’m also concerned about Nessie, my adult cat.

Nessie today

Nessie is so timid. She’s afraid of everything – noises from the street, even me if I approach her too quickly. If anyone arrives at my front door, she dashes to another room and hides. If I have company, even family members, she hides until long after they leave.

My son and his wife gave her to me when she was only about four months old after rescuing her from chasing dogs. I spend a lot of time in front of the computer, and even tho I love her dearly and arrange playtime with her, I’m sure she’s bored. About six months ago, I adopted a full-grown cat, but Nessie hid under a table in my closet the entire time, so I rehomed the cat.

I’ve been thinking about kittens. Perhaps Nessie wouldn’t feel so threatened by a tiny kitten, so Roger and Michelle took me to the county’s mass adoption event, a wonderful free event held once a year at the San Bernardino Animal Shelter. They had all ages, all colors and breeds, and most people went straight for the kittens. The older cats just lay there, staring at the people with dejected eyes as if they knew they didn’t have a chance. My heart broke for them, and I wished I could take them all.

I found a kitten, one so tiny it couldn’t possibly scare Nessie – at least I hope she won’t feel threatened – and just as Roger and I were leaving the cattery house, I noticed a grown calico in a cage on the floor. The caretaker was cleaning out the cage, and the cat was nearly frozen in fear. I couldn’t stand it, so before even considering the consequences, I asked for her too.

Even tho this event took place Friday and Saturday, I have to wait until Wednesday to get them. Both new cats are females, so they’re now at the vet’s for surgery and shots, mandatory when adopting from a CA shelter. It’s good, tho, so I can’t argue: I already went through “seasons” with Nessie until I could get her to the vet.

So I’m excited, yet very concerned about Nessie. After all, this is her home and I hate to think she’ll feel invaded and threatened. But somehow, I’m going to make it work. The two new cats deserve a home too. So do all of them.

I’ll let you know what happens.


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7 comments on “Two NewAdditions
  1. says:

    Shall pray that Nessie “falls in love.”


  2. Brenda Hill says:

    Oh thanks, Libby. I sure hope so. I’ll even be happy with a “tolerate” for now.

  3. Linda Powell says:

    Bless you for taking that frightened adult calico also, Brenda. I do hope that Nessie will see a sister soul in her and that they will become fast friends and double mothers to your tiny kitten. Give them time and space and it will happen – I hope!

  4. Brenda Hill says:


    Big mixup at shelter: The adult is ill, so they’re caring for it, and due to paperwork mixup, the kitten went to someone else. So I’m back to looking for a kitten again, but I’ll wait until our triple-digit temps abate.

  5. franhunne4u says:

    I had to find a new cat for my (now late) tom in 2011. He was one of those cats who hated change, but the other feline in our house had died in January and by February he felt lonesome. So I went to the charity I got him and his first companion from and asked for another cat. Two rather timid ones were my options – one was there for a year, so I picked her. They delivered her to my home, then for the first time checking my abode, and when the new, very shy around humans, but ok with other cats addition got let loose she dashed under the bed, where my tom was already hiding. I saw his ears they were at “irritation”-level – but he did not growl, not hiss … she didn’t either. By the end of the week he was serenading her (literally: he sat under the couch table and she was hiding in the cave of the scratching device – with her head poking out). The two got along well.
    Do not adopt a very confident cat. My friend made that mistake for her shy feline and it did not work out. The young, confident tom was scaring the resident cat.
    Go for personalities, not for looks. Health should be a given, you want your cat to be safe from infections.

    • Brenda Hill says:

      Thanks so much for your advice. I’m so sorry about your tom, but happy to hear about your new addition and that they get along so well.

      I adopted a kitten so small that my Nessie couldn’t possibly feel threatened, but it was still rough-going for a week. But now they eat together and play together. One’s always chasing the other and they take turns.

      I’m also thinking about adopting two strays that have been hanging around the house, although I don’t think Nessie will take to them as well. Both are fully-grown, so it would be a risky situation. I’ve been feeding them, and wish I had the room and/or facilities for a cat shelter. I can’t stand the thought of hungry cats. Or dogs, but I’m especially partial to cats.

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