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Things are finally coming together. My head’s spinning trying to remember everything, but I’ve filed the necessary papers, and the website for The Knight Writers Magazine is nearing completion. I’m waiting for the new banner for the Twitter and Facebook pages, and my business cards are on their way.

I’m starting to feel this new venture may have a chance! I hope so; it’s not only a new opportunity for the magazine and staff, but a chance for writers to see a story or article they’ve written available for everyone to read. But please understand, not everything submitted will be published. I’m looking for a variety, and above all, good writing.

We’ll offer the magazine as a free download to the public and available to anyone with access to the internet, so the $10  submission fees will help pay staff. We’re not backed by a huge corporation nor by club with membership fees to help pay the costs.

Entertain us! Make us laugh, cry, and if you think your story is too far out there, or because you’re a new writer you don’t have a chance, try us. But please, check our site for what we will NOT publish.

I’m excited, and I hope writers will be too. Submission details are available on our website.

Thanks, y’all!


I'm an author, editor, and writing coach, specializing in a novel's opening chapter. I've begun a critique group in Calimesa, CA, so if you're a serious writer in the area - pro, aspiring, no matter the genre - who would like feedback on your work, join us: https://www.meetup.com/Afternoon-Critique-Workshop/events/258796235/ You can always contact me through my websites: www.brendahill.com www.brendahillediting.com

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