What a Headache . . .

Theatrical masks

Oscar Wilde said he took out a comma in the morning and put it back in the afternoon.

Long before I devoted endless hours going back over and over what I’d written, I laughed at that quote.

No longer.

I’d recently completed another chapter in my wip and begun another, but something nagged at me.

I went back and read until I found what was bothering me – a paragraph I’d revised for the third or fourth time. I’d thought I finally had it right, and with a sigh of relief, continued on.

But well into the next chapter, I still felt that annoying little nag. Something about that paragraph was off. Was it distracting? Did it shatter the mood?

I don’t consider myself a perfectionist, and I certainly don’t check what I’ve written  against a rule book; instead, I must be satisfied that the sentence or paragraph flows with the rhythm in my head.

And that paragraph didn’t.

So here I am again, going over ONE paragraph that I can’t seem to get right. aaarrrgggg!

Do you ever have that problem? If so, what did you do about it?

Brenda Hill


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2 responses to “What a Headache . . .

  1. Libby Grandy

    Yes, and my solution — I deleted it. lol


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