Trump Presidency – What’s Your Opinion?


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3 responses to “Trump Presidency – What’s Your Opinion?

  1. Elizabeth

    This was very a interesting. So many people think Trump is the man for the presidency, and people seem to think that is is the one to stand up to & clean up the mess we have right now. He is a strong personality, but I wonder if he can do things differently when he needs too. He is used to having his way in all things, is very outspoken, says what he thinks when he thinks it. Sometimes you have to use more compassion when dealing with countries. He is a strong man, a brilliant man, but he is not the perfect man for the presidency, There are times he needs to hold his tongue and not offend people. Other times I love what he has to say about closing the border, cleaning out DC and bringing jobs back to America. My question is, how is he going to do it? Trump is good, but needs to lose some of the arrogance and learn to relate to the regular normal human being. Also, tell him to find another hair stylist. His is rich, his is smart, but does he have the class he needs to be a good president.

    • You raise some interesting points, Elizabeth. I know Mr. Trump has some issues with diplomacy while speaking his mind, but I’m drawn to someone who does speak his mind and who is not willing to bend to the money people. Whether or not he’ll make a good president is something we all must decide before the coming elections. But I do think his very brashness has a better chance of saving this country from the downward spiral our other ‘leaders’ have caused. At least I hope so.

  2. Kd

    He says whatever his publicist edits into his speech. He does not have the political background to run an entire country that has economical and environmental issues. Saying one or two magical phrases does not qualify the man no matter how much money he can throw at the problem. If the man were not rich, most of us would have quit listening to him.

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