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How to Write a Better Novel with SCENE & SEQUEL

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SCENE & SEQUEL – your novel’s building blocks.

Newbie writer? Experienced but would like a refresher? Bring your notebooks and join me Monday evening at 7pm for s FREE presentation of SCENE & SEQUEL, at the Ovitt Library, Ontario, CA.


When: 7pm

Address: 215 E C St, Ontario, CA 91764

Phone:(909) 395-2004

Ovitt Library:

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October 30, 2014 · 6:16 pm

Writers Forum – Improved

Book Fairy largeWe were having some problems with the original forum, so we established a different one, much easier access and more categories. So if you’re a writer – beginning or experienced, published or unpublished – and you’d like a safe place to chat with other writers at all levels, take a look. Better yet, join us and add your questions or comments.

Writers Forum


October 27, 2014 · 3:11 am

Writers Forum

We’ve just added a writers forum to the L. Cooper Press website, and while it’s brand new and incomplete, we’ve love for you to join and add your voice, your techniques, anything you’ve learned and want to share about writing. New topic suggestions are welcome:

Writers Forum

Book Fairy large

Thanks, y’all!

Brenda Hill

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October 18, 2014 · 8:34 pm

L. Cooper Press

Book Fairy largeI’ve been asked why I, as an author, and my author friends believe in LCP. 

L. Cooper Press (LCP) was founded by authors who suffered through and survived scam and/or indie publishers.

The good points? After querying, we were offered contracts and our dreams had come true – or so we thought. Then began the doubts:

1) We had no control over our books’ prices, and often the higher prices the publisher set discouraged readers from buying.

2) Our royalty checks were late, sometimes not arriving at all, not even the promised statements. The reasons were explained: the bank made a mistake; the office staff became ill; the hurricane wiped out the office, on and on and on. We wanted to believe.

Some of the indie publishers may have begun with good intentions but invariably experienced financial difficulties. Some closed their doors overnight. The result? We lost money . . . large amounts of money. If the publisher closed without notice, our rights to our own books were tied up in litigation. We then had to fight months, even years to get them back. We lost even more money.

Once we regained back our rights, we did not lose our will to write. Oh, we were bruised, but we refused to allow outside influences and bad experiences to stop us from following our dreams. We simply changed course; we published as independents. We found the best formatters, the most reasonable cover designers, and discovered the different programs that would provide the best exposure for our books.

Now we offer to share our experiences by providing the best terms – unique in self-publishing. With LCP, you’ll never lose the rights to your novels; you’ll never have to fight to get paid – you’ll have your own accounts with Amazon and Createspace, You’ll control your own pricing and your own promotions. You’ll be the decision-maker of your own books.

With L. Cooper Press, you’ll be in the best hands – your own.

L. Cooper Press


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October 5, 2014 · 7:16 pm