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L. Cooper Press – Publish Independently, Keep Traditional Benefits


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We had our first meeting about a new publishing co-op last Thursday eve in Redlands, CA, and it was a good one. I introduced L. Cooper Press and talked about what LCP would and would not do for writers who want to publish but do not know what to do.

Most have two choices: try for an agent and a NY publisher, which could take years before their novels are accepted and published – I know. I’m still waiting after a year on one of my novels. Or self publish.

The problem is, most self-publishers charge several thousand dollars and control most everything, including rights, pricing, and royalties. Not L. Cooper Press.  

What LCP WON’T do:

* Bind writers to a contract

* Take a percentage of their royalties

* Control book pricing

* Control the cover rights

If you’re a writer interested in self-publishing, yet you want to keep control, see what L. Cooper Press can do for you. Check our website, or attend one of the free meetings sponsored by Novel Writers Workshop in Redlands, CA.

L. Cooper Press


Thanks, y’all Hope to see you there!


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August 31, 2014 · 4:56 am

Manuscript Evaluation


L. Cooper Press is pleased to announce our manuscript evaluation service.

Many writers, especially new ones, wonder if their manuscripts are ready for publication. If they rush to publication with a weak manuscript, what will the reading public think? Often they voice opinions by scathing reviews and later revisions may not help.

So before you publish, check our service and take advantage of our OPENING SPECIAL:

Evaluation of the first 3 Chapters of your novel for only $50!

Manuscript evaluation:


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August 10, 2014 · 9:21 am

L. Cooper Press

L. Cooper Press is proud to announce the addition of UK author Victoria Howard as the new UK Author Liaison.

Welcome, Victoria!

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Victoria Howard


L. Cooper Press – A  Writer/Publisher Co-op. You keep all the advantages of self-publishing, yet you’ll hve the benefit of a publisher’s imprint and resources.

Victoria Howard

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August 7, 2014 · 8:03 pm