Exciting Day!


My new paranormal, The House on Serpent Lake, is now available on Amazon Kindle. What an exciting day. Hooray!


An abandoned home on a north woods lake, dreams of a lover from another time. Lindsay wants the hundred-year-old house to heal her troubled marriage, something unseen in the house wants her.

I'm an author, editor, and writing coach, specializing in a novel's opening chapter. I lead an informal writers group in Redlands, CA, so if you're a writer in the area - pro, aspiring, no matter the genre - who enjoys socializing with other writers, join us: https://www.meetup.com/Local-Writers-Social-Circle/ You can always contact me through my websites: www.brendahill.com www.brendahillediting.com

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2 comments on “Exciting Day!
  1. I just got done reading the entire “The House on Serpent Lake” book and I must say: When does the movie come out? You’ll find me first in line!

    This is my first Brenda Hill novel and she gives readers just enough clues that keep us one step ahead of our heroine, Lindsay – or does she? Written with highly suspenseful tidbits, this page-turner kept me assessing what might happen next. Will Lindsay make the connection she so desperately aches for with her husband, or succumb to the passionate desires of the male spirit that might be stalking her – or is she just going crazy?

    I have not read a book in a long time and I must say I that this kept me intrigued in a fashion similar to my favorite author, Stephen King.

    Well done, Brenda Hill!

    Note to readers: there are some rated R sections, but tastefully presented.

  2. Brenda Hill says:

    Wow! Thanks, Cal~Para Investigations. Coming from you, I feel quite honored.

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