Book Cover Dilemma

I need your opinion.

Book covers are so important, and while the popular adage is true, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” I do. I may not judge the actual story, but if the cover doesn’t attract me in the first place, the story rarely gets read. So I need advice.

The artist sent two proofs for my upcoming paranormal. I like one while some of my friends favor the other. I’ve asked for some slight changes in one, so the artist will work on the changes and send the new proof to me, probably in a couple of days or perhaps next week. In the meantime, I’d like to know if I’m even close to what the majority likes.

Which one would attract you to the book?

thoss-1-300  thoss-2-300

I'm a novelist, short story writer, and I currently serve as CEO for L. Cooper Press, a service for writers. Thomson-Gale bought one of my novels, With Full Malice, for their 5 Star Mystery line, then Harlequin WorldWide Mysteries bought the mass market paperback rights. I lead a novel critique group in Redlands, CA, so if you're in the area and writing a novel, join us: When I can't attend, Amy Fletcher leads the group. You can always contact me through my websites:

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18 comments on “Book Cover Dilemma
  1. Vickie Treadway says:

    I like the bottom cover art. The lettering is better and it pops and I like the fact that the front of the house is visible.

  2. Linda Powell says:

    I like the lettering on the top proof with the smaller house and more muted coloring of the bottom proof, although I do like your name done in the red outlined with white too.

  3. Rachael Gustuson says:

    The top cover would be my choice as a reader- the background photo is sharp and is enticing. I love the shadowing. I like the font much more so than the bottom. This is just my humble opinion as a reader and lover of books!

  4. Alice Duncan says:

    I prefer the bottom one. It’s easier to read everything (of course, I’m blind as a bat).

  5. Kd Foreman says:

    The top lettering says ‘romance’; the bottom says ‘suspense/thriller’.

  6. I am liking the second. For technical reasons. The word “on” disappears on the top example, and without looking closely it looks like a huge moon behind the house.
    The second appears foggy and mysterious behind the house …much more intriguing.

  7. I like the top pic better

    • Brenda Hill says:

      Hi Chelle! Thanks for stopping by. I’m liking the top too, but I’m thinking of asking for the title to be outlined a little better since several pointed out some problems with the current colors.

  8. Sue Andrews says:

    At first glance, I didn’t see the subtle differences with the exception of the font for Serpent Lake. But when scrutinizing it more closely I saw the differences. My answer would have to be it depends. If book has more to do with a love line, I would pick the top one. If it has to so with vampires or anything Gothic or sinister, I would chose the bottom. The bottom font reminds me of the latter, if that is the kind of reader you are looking for. I think the younger set would prefer the bottom.

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