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WithFullMaliceFront4Website100With Full Malice just received another 5 Star review, and I’m thrilled. Thank you!


In the planning stages – a writers workshop/day conference in SoCal this summer, possibly in July. On the schedule so far – Your Critical 1st Chapter, Memoir Writing, The 5 Tiers of Publishing, CreateSpace self-publishing, POV, etc.

Keep watch for updates!

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Book Cover Dilemma

I need your opinion.

Book covers are so important, and while the popular adage is true, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” I do. I may not judge the actual story, but if the cover doesn’t attract me in the first place, the story rarely gets read. So I need advice.

The artist sent two proofs for my upcoming paranormal. I like one while some of my friends favor the other. I’ve asked for some slight changes in one, so the artist will work on the changes and send the new proof to me, probably in a couple of days or perhaps next week. In the meantime, I’d like to know if I’m even close to what the majority likes.

Which one would attract you to the book?

thoss-1-300  thoss-2-300


April 5, 2013 · 4:25 pm

Successful Events

The Kindle version of With Full Malice is now available, and my speaking engagement at the Ovitt Family Library in Ontario has passed.

I talked about the 5 Tiers of Publishing, and by the amount of questions afterward, I think the audience enjoyed it.

Now back to work on my paranormal, altho I’m also considering organizing a writers workshop for the SoCal’s Inland Empire. It all depends on how quickly I can finish The House on Serpent Lake:

An abandoned home on a north woods lake, dreams of a seductive lover from another time—Lindsay wants the hundred-year-old home to heal her troubled marriage, something unseen in the house wants her.

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