Beyond the Quiet, Erotica Version

BQ4WebsitesAfter I left the original publisher, I revised certain sections of the novel, ensuring it was sensuous instead of erotic. Now, due to several requests, I’ve posted the original X-Rated version to my website:

Beyond the Quiet – Erotica Version

Please be advised, however, that the entire novel isn’t loaded with sex. It’s only after my character meets a fantabulous man that she opens her heart to him.

If you read it, please post your comments. I’m interested.Thanks!


February 1, 2013 · 6:28 pm

3 responses to “Beyond the Quiet, Erotica Version

  1. Mom

    Oh darling…I tried reading the previous version and nearly died of blushing about half way thru 🙂
    I can’t imagine the “un-cut” version

  2. Linda Powell

    I’m having trouble downloading it. I went through PayPal and they sent me a receipt but they did not direct me to a site/page to download.

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