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Book Club Speaking Engagement

WithFullMaliceFront4Website100Since my mystery/thriller, With Full Malice, was set in Yucaipa and the SoCal Inland Empire, a local book club asked me to speak at their meeting.

What a memorable day. Not only did the hostess provide an excellent buffet, but she decorated her living room entrance with crime scene tape for the event. When it was time to leave, she presented a beautiful plant to me, plus a rose she had placed by the sign-in area.

The entire club made me feel special and very honored. Thank you!

Book Club Crime Scene250

Book Club plant

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February 21, 2013 · 6:39 am

Unholy Desire

stacks of paperWhen I began UD, I had no idea it would be so difficult to write. After all, it’s  shorter than my other novels, but I have some of the same problems. Even though I’m a plotter, I still doubt a scene’s placement: should this or that event go here or there? Then I stall, worrying about it, and I can’t continue until I’ve worked it out.

I know all the so-called ‘experts’ say to continue on, to ‘fix it’ later, but that doesn’t work for me. I must have that relieved feeling about something I’ve just written in order to continue and concentrate on the next scene.

I’m on the home stretch, though, and can make out those magical words, ‘The End,’ not too far ahead. I’ll get there, I will, I will, I will.

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Book Club


I’ll be speaking to a local book club Tuesday the 19th about my mystery/thriller With Full Malice. Set in the area, I use local landmarks to help tell my story. It’ll be fun to see what the members think of it.

I think I’ll have a drawing for one of my ebooks, but not sure which one. Or a special preview of my new paranormal? But that’s not complete, altho it’s getting close. And I now  have a new cover!

And it’s getting closer to March 21, when the ebook version of WFM will be available on Kindle. What an exciting time!



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Cover Change

After several revisions, I’m close to a new cover for Unholy Desire, and it’s getting exciting. At first I wanted the original house and moon, but with an added element to reflect the story changes. My designer suggested something a bit different.

So while we’re keeping the house and moon idea, she changed it slightly and now we’re working on the added elements including different fonts for the title and author name.

I’ve gone through about twelve proofs so far. Yes, 12, but I think I’m close to choosing one after some slight changes are made. I don’t know who will be the happiest–the designer or me. Thank goodness she’s a patient soul who wants to please her clients.

I’ll post it when it’s completed, probably in a couple more days.

Hope you like it!

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Beyond the Quiet, Erotica Version

BQ4WebsitesAfter I left the original publisher, I revised certain sections of the novel, ensuring it was sensuous instead of erotic. Now, due to several requests, I’ve posted the original X-Rated version to my website:

Beyond the Quiet – Erotica Version

Please be advised, however, that the entire novel isn’t loaded with sex. It’s only after my character meets a fantabulous man that she opens her heart to him.

If you read it, please post your comments. I’m interested.Thanks!


February 1, 2013 · 6:28 pm