Unholy Desire – More Changes, More Revisions

antique_typewriter 4 wordpress 200I wish I could write my story the way instructors say it should be done:  get the story down, THEN go through and do the revisions.

It’s such good advice, simply because it makes sense. Get your story down before you get lost in the mire trying to correct everything. If you do not, you risk running out of steam, and that’s how many manuscripts wind up unfinished in a drawer.

However, I’m not a model writer. I truly wish I were. If so, I could’ve had my new story completed by now. But no, I’m one of the weird ones who edits and revises as she writes. What’s worse, I can’t continue forward if something I’ve already written nags at me, even if it’s two, three, or more chapters back.

Well, in this story, there’s been a lot of nagging, and while I thought this morning’s writing session would put me close to the end, it didn’t even come close. Instead, without knowing what exactly was bothering me, I went back several chapters and began reading, again and again, until I realized what was wrong. Then, not sure if my corrections would work, I began the process of revising, moving this paragraph here, that paragraph into the next chapter.

And even though I’m still not sure the flow is exactly right,  I feel better, because finally, that horrible nagging feeling is quiet for a change.

Now I can continue on in peace.

At least I can hope.



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2 responses to “Unholy Desire – More Changes, More Revisions

  1. Kd

    Your readers will love you for it 🙂 Hang in there!

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