Christmas 2012

Yesterday was a great Christmas, about the best I’ve had since I was a child and believed in Santa.

Roger & Debbie, son & daughter in law, had the family over for dinner and games, and Debbie is generous and open-hearted enough to include my former daughter in law, Mary, who moved from Florida last year after her two children, my natural grandchildren, made the move several years ago. Now we’re all within a thirty-min drive from each other. Since I lived half a continent away from the grandchildren while they were growing up, it’s really a blessing to be near them now.

Funny how life works out. Something I thought was a great tragedy a few years ago has enriched my life tremendously. My divorce brought me to CA to be near my son, and then my former daughter in law and grandchildren moved from Florida to CA.

And Santa? Roger & Debbie gave me a fantastic phone that does everything except wash dishes, altho there’s probably an app that’ll do that too. For someone like me who has kept an old phone for several years and never texted or done any of the wondrous things the newer, jazzier phones can accomplish, I’ll be on quite a learning curve.

And texting? Ha! To my mortification, I can’t even hit the right letters, so I’ll be practicing something any six-year-old can do without blinking.

Wish me luck!


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