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Manuscript Mechanics – Take your manuscript from Amateur to Professional

My new writers group met in Calimesa, and we had a good discussion about publishers – what the different class of publishers could offer, what to expect, and we talked about POD publishing as opposed to print runs.

I loved the mobile home clubhouse. We had a large private room overlooking the swimming pool, and we could sit around a table large enough to hold notebooks, extra books, pens, and drinks. It even had a small kitchen and at least two restrooms. What a joy. Thanks, Joyce.

During the next meeting, August 23, we’ll talk about manuscript mechanics. I’ll offer tips and suggestions based on my own experience as a writer, and we’ll talk about problems I’ve encountered as an editor and how to correct them, such as:

Quotation marks – when NOT to use them. Tags – are you using them correctly? Semi-colons? Are they necessary? How about those pesky serial commas? The name kinda sounds like a murder mystery, doesn’t it? Should you murder them?

If you’re a writer in the Inland Empire, feel free to join:

SoCal Orange Empire Writers League


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SoCal Orange Empire Writers League

My new writers group will meet for the first time tomorrow evening – Thursday the 19th – and the topic will be The 5 Tiers of Publishing.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone, and I know we’ll have a great discussion on writing & publishing.

┬áIf you’re an Inland Empire writer, published or not, feel free to join:
SoCal Orange Empire Writers League

See you there!

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FREE Download!

My local newspaper, the News Mirror, published a fantastic full-page article about my book signing & reception – thank you Claire & Rachael – and I’ve had inquiries about my other novels as well.

So I’ve created a 3 & 3 Novel Sampler, 3 chapters from my 3 novels as a download.

And it’s FREE!

I’d appreciate comments, but they’re not required. You don’t even have to sign in. Simply go to the site and click on the ‘Click Here’ button:

3 Novel Sampler

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