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With Full Malice’s ARCs arrived!

That magical day finally happened. My novel’s ARCs arrived!

ARCs – Advance Review Copy – the publisher sends to reviewers.

They send a few extra to the authors for reviews the authors may want to personally contact.

What an exciting day. I knew they were on their way and I watched the mail as if I were expecting a million-dollar check. When they finally arrived, I was so excited I nearly cried.

My publisher had previously sent the cover to me for approval, so I knew what it would look like, but when I opened the box and saw my novel in book form in all it’s glory, I hugged it to me and danced with glee.

Each one looks like a trade paperback, altho on the cover underneath my name and enclosed in a white oval are the words:

NOT FOR SALE. In smaller words, ‘Advance Uncorrected Proof.’

Also on the cover, my first review from NY Times bestselling author, Michael Prescott:

“A likeable heroine, a deadly conspiracy, a white-knuckle climax – Brenda Hill’s With Full Malice has it all!”

How thrilling is that?!

The novel will be released in April 2012 in hardcover edition.

Now, while I wait the official release date, I’m also waiting, eagerly, yet a bit apprehensively, to see what reviews come in. Oh, I hope they’re good ones. Will the reviewers like it? A lot? Sorta? Trash it? I never know how others will receive the stories I want to tell. I can only write them the best way I can, edit and revise, edit and revise again and again until they shine.

I’ll let everyone know – well, if they’re good ones.

Keep watching . . .

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