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New Critique Group

Last month I created a new novel writing critique group through Meetup, and a couple of weeks ago, we had our first meeting. We met at Denny’s in Yucaipa, and so far we have about five members who meet and talk about the fun and agony of writing a novel. Some of us are published, while others are just beginning, but we’re all serious about the craft of writing. We all want to create the next fantastic novel.

We exchanged emails, and since we felt excited about our new group, we couldn’t wait to get started. During the next week, we sent our first chapters to each other for critiques, and we’ll go over the results at our next meeting. We also plan, for those who feel stalled, to help each other by bouncing storyline ideas.

So for you in other parts of the country, Meetup is a great place for gathering together people with common interests. Judging by my group, it’s worth it.

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Completed – or Not . . .

They’re completed. The edits, the extra info my publisher wanted, all completed and sent in with one exception – my photo, which I’ll submit as late as possible.

What a wonderful feeling. Or it should be. I should be rejoicing that I can have my life back, and any normal, sane person would. Yet I have that nagging feeling that one sentence, after several revisions, still isn’t right. It’s an important sentence, one that bothered me all the way through. My editor says I’ll have another chance once the manuscript is in galley form.

So instead of celebrating, I’m merely letting go – for now.


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