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My contracts with my publisher expired, so now two of my novels are offered with new covers, new ebook formats, and best of all, new low prices. Now available on Smashwords @ $.99 each:

Beyond the Quiet – Smashwords, click here:

After twenty-five years of marriage, Lisa Montgomery thinks her husband’s death is the worst that can happen. A month later, she pushes herself out of bed, dresses and even makes plans to move near her daughter. Then she receives a notice about her husband’s secret post office box.

Beyond the Quiet shares the story of one woman’s struggle though bitterness, loss, and betrayal, learning to cherish each moment and follow her long-buried dreams. It’s the story of how a quiet, passionless widow becomes spirited enough to climb onto her lover’s shoulders for a piggyback ride in the nude.

Coffee Time Romance  Reviewer’s Award

Top Ten in the Preditors & Editors readers poll 2009

Ten Times Guilty – Smashwords, click here:

. . .  about a single mother’s struggle for worth after a vicious attack. It’s about a police sergeant seeking redemption for a crime he didn’t realize he had committed – until the victim died.

“Hill mesmerizes with the horrific details of rape, self-blame and the will to live.  Tracy’s tale speaks for all victims who have been brutalized and fought back.  It also speaks for those who suffered and died without ever seeing their attacker brought to justice.  A compelling tale of pain, courage and hope.”

Romantic Time Book Reviews

Plot Your Way to Publication, click here:

A step-by-step method for building a successful storyline, my plotting book also available in an ebook format at a new low price. It still includes the easy one-page chart templates I designed to show you how to structure your story for the best dramatic effect. Not only do I explain structure, I give examples of critical scenes and turning points and show you exactly where they should be placed for the best dramatic effect. I even list the scenes I created in two of my novels, Ten Times Guilty and Beyond the Quiet, on my plotting charts as illustrations to show you where I placed them and why.

I'm a novelist, short story writer, and I currently serve as CEO for L. Cooper Press, a service for writers. Thomson-Gale bought one of my novels, With Full Malice, for their 5 Star Mystery line, then Harlequin WorldWide Mysteries bought the mass market paperback rights. I lead a novel critique group in Redlands, CA, so if you're in the area and writing a novel, join us: When I can't attend, Amy Fletcher leads the group. You can always contact me through my websites:

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