Thank Goodness for Infomercials

I’m so grateful for all the infomercials. The past month I was busy moving, then tapped for jury duty, so when I finally got home in the evenings, I was too worn out to work on my novel. Instead, I watched more TV than I’ve watched for a year. Good thing, too. The infomercials have taught me some things I never knew.

For instance, I never realized how difficult it was to crack open an egg until they demonstrated on TV. My, that woman just couldn’t seem to get that poor little egg open and into the dish without the help of the super-duper new gadget, which sells for the amazing one-time offer of $19.95.

And did you see how terribly difficult it is to separate an egg? Here again, I never realized how problematic it is. For some reason, I must be terribly talented. I crack the egg, slide that slippery little yellow yolk into a half shell and presto! There you go, but I must be doing it wrong since it takes one of their handy dandy gadgets to do it easily – and correctly.

My, the things you learn on TV.

I’ll have to keep watching to see what else I’ve done incorrectly.

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