New Query

Over the weekend, I sent the fifty pages as instructed and sent a new email query. While I know it all takes time, I’m still checking my inbox every few minutes. Miracles can happen, you know.

Still haven’t heard from my snail mail queries and I’m not sure if they’ll call if they want to see more, email, or send a reply in my SASE. So I keep checking my mail, hoping to see a positive note, yet dreading my SASE. Usually an SASE means that particular agent isn’t interested, altho, I rationalize, they could say the magic words, “Send more!”

Hmmm, only two hours and fourteen minutes until my mailman normally arrives on my street. Wonder what he’ll bring today . . .


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2 responses to “New Query

  1. I know this feeling so well, and wait in eager anticipation for the familiar blue and red clad messenger to walk my drive.

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