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Internet Radio Show

Well, it finally happened. The day my radio radio was to air finally arrived. I was going to play it cool and wait until the next morning to listen, but as soon as it was available just before midnight my time, I anxiously went to the website, not sure what I’d find.

And there it was! A small snapshot of me and of my latest release, Beyond the Quiet, a novel about a repressed widow learning to live.

I didn’t have to click on anything; the show automatically began. I was almost as apprehensive as the day I actually did the show, my first. How would I sound? After the interview, I had no memory of the questions the host, Don McCauley, asked, so I’ve been a bit nervous about listening. Was there a way to stop it if I sounded ridiculous?

But I listened, then listened again. Of course I wished I’d said many things. For instance, I wished I’d mentioned the basic – my website – ¬†with writers’ tips, book information, excerpts, and links to short stories, but all in all, it wasn’t too bad.

click here to listen

click here for my website


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