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Call-Screening for PBS Show

Roger Bowman, KVCR host

Roger Bowman, KVCR host.

It was one of those days.

My son, Roger Bowman, hosts a weekly TV show, ‘It’s Your Call,’ about the mortgage crisis in Southern California on KVCR, a local PBS station. Since it’s a live show with experts in the field who answer viewer call-in questions, they have a call-screener who takes questions from callers and relays them to the producer and host.

Last Friday the screener became ill and I was asked if I were available to take the calls. Was I ever! When I arrived, Roger took me around the studio and I saw the set, the cameras, and the control room. What an exciting time, and everyone was so gracious to me, the newbie, from the producer, Janine Porter, the director, Gil Guizar, to everyone I spoke to that night.

No wonder they’ve won awards.

I may return to take calls during the show’s duration, and if you live in Southern CA and have mortgage crisis questions, I may talk to you. Don’t be concerned; it’s on a first-name basis only.

Tune in to this informative show with featured guests each week with topics such as:

* Loan Modification Opportunities

* Short Sales – What are they, and do I owe after home has been sold?

* Foreclosure Avoidance

* Foreclosure Impact

* Predatory Lending

* Renter’s Rights

* Can I buy a home again after a foreclosure?

Remember, It’s Your Call. Airs: Fridays at 7pm on KVCR. (pst)


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