Radio Interview

I just completed my first radio show and even now, almost an hour later, I still feel like throwing up.

You’d think, since I’m a mature woman, at least according to my gray hair, that I’d have more confidence when doing interviews, and I do – when they’re on paper. But talking to someone over the radio?

So that I wouldn’t come across as a dork, I wrote questions that could be asked and practiced my answers over and over. Finally, I got so smooth at talking about my book – at least to myself – that I was ready. I’d made the last-minute trip to the bathroom, had my soft drink next to me in case my throat went dry, and with my answers highlighted in a huge font so I could read them at a glance, I waited for my cue. Then the host introduced me.

OMG. It was time to talk. I froze, even my blood froze. I wanted to run to Mommy. But since I WAS the mommy and grandmommy to boot, I had to try to maintain some semblance of dignity, so, I did what I do when writing my novels: I pretended I was this confident character who knew what she was talking about.

It went well, or so the sympathetic host, Don McCauley assured me. At least we didn’t have to stop and start all over. I don’t remember much of what I said, so I’ll be as surprised as the listeners when it airs – that is, if I work up enough nerve to listen.

But hey, I can do it. Raising children, moving to a new state after a marriage of nearly thirty years ends in divorce, writing novels and sending them to agents and publishers takes guts, so I must have some. We’ll see when the show airs in two to three weeks. I’ll bite the bullet and let you know.

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