New Queries

gold bar pixabay-1013593_640So far I’ve sent queries to seven agents. It’s an agaonizing process because you never know if they read the sample pages or if they judge your writing ability on the query alone.

I’ve written and rewritten mine at least ten times, hoping that each is an improvement, and that the last is a bit more exciting. Part of the problem, I think, is the genre. My new novel  is a blend of spec fiction, horror, paranormal, and romance. How in the world do I settle on one?

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Novel Finished. Hooray!

cropped-book-fairy-largeBOOK FAIRY – for luck!

I’ve finally finished my latest novel, From the Painted Tomb.

What a feeling. I’m not sure if my strange reaction was numbness, exhilaration, or just plain relief, but probably a little of everything. I had the urge to cry, and it wouldn’t have been unusual. I bawl while watching a touching TV commercial, or while reading a novel, so I expected tears. But they didn’t come. Read more ›

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As a writer who’s been commercially published several times, I’ve been asked about my road to publication. Most assume I sat down and zipped through my first novel, sent it off for publication, and presto! I became a published author. While that can happen today—with self-publishing and with those few fortunate writers who secure an agent and a huge publishing deal in a matter of weeks, that’s not the way it happened for me. My road was pretty darn bumpy, so bumpy that if I hadn’t been driven to succeed, I would have given up years ago. Thank goodness I couldn’t see then all the detours and dead-ends my journey would take.

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Great Opportunity to Read Two Novels from a Fantastic Writer – in Exchange for Honest Reviews.

LHP wchain final copy  EDGE 12 Final

Looking for a good book (or two)? For a limited time I am offering .pdf copies of Love’s Hidden Promise and/or The Edge of Autumn absolutely free in exchange for an honest review at Amazon.

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New Event for Writers in the Inland Empire

New Magic Fairy

Writing and publishing a book is quite an accomplishment. Many say they want to write and may even fill a few pages or even chapters – but never finish. So congratulations if you’ve accomplished your goal!

It’s also a lonely profession, and since our families’ and friends’ eyes glaze over after listening to us talk about our characters and/or plot for the hundredth time, we get the message. Critique groups aren’t the best places to talk, ask questions, and bounce ideas – while they’re wonderful and serve a great need, they’re usually on a time limit so everyone attending has a turn. So what do we do?

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My Cat Saga

Some of you have asked about my cat saga. It’s been, well, unusual to say the least. I have Nessie, a female ginger cat my son and his wife gave me about three years ago. She’d been traumatized and even today hides when someone drops by, even from my son, who lovingly took care of her when he and his wife found her. Read more ›

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Latest Novel Published!

Hi Everyone. Exciting News!

EDGE 12 FinalAs Editor in Chief of L. Cooper Press (LCP), I’m proud to announce our latest publication THE EDGE OF AUTUMN: A Captivating Novel of Ghosts, Love Triangles, and Murder, Kindle edition, by award winning author, M. Jean Pike.

Currently, it’s available at the pre-order price of ONLY $.99, so get your copy today!

Order HERE:

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