Ready to Publish? Have Questions About the Different Ways to Publish? Before You Sign With Anyone, Discover the Pros & Cons of Each Category/Tier – From The Majors to Pay 2 Publish. Avoid a Costly Mistake!

Register for my presentation on The 5 Tiers of Publishing! Avoid the mistakes I made, and learn from my experiences. You’ll be better informed when it’s time for you to publish your book.

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UPDATE! As of Sept 14, 2021, the book is published! Hooray!The Chicken Soup for the Soul Edition With My Story is on Pre-Order!

Hi Y’all! I’m thrilled! 

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL is publishing my story and it’s on pre-order today. Hooray!

My CLEVER, CURIOUS, CARING CAT features my story about how my cat Nessie was a huge factor in pulling me from severe depression during an extremely difficult time. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to ‘bare your soul’ to others, but now that I’ve done so, I’m so happy about the outcome. The book’s release date is Sept 14.I hope you’ll read it, and if you do, please let me know your thoughts. I’d appreciate it. 

And thanks to Roger & Michelle for their help with Nessie and everything else they do nearly every day to support me.Thanks!

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Writers in the U.S,: join us in our new Meetup forum for Round Table Discussions about this crazy, wonderful world of writing & publishing.

We welcome both published and aspiring authors. We meet to hone our writing skills, offer support, and to discuss writing and publishing in today’s world.

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Your Novel’s CRITICAL Opening Page(s)

How important is your opening page? Opening paragraphs? Opening chapter?

One agent says it carries the weight of your entire career.

Another says it only takes SECONDS to evaluate a manuscript!


Join my Meetup group and discover how to turn a dull opening into a dynamic one. You’ll learn what you MUST and MUST NOT include. 

Your Novel’s CRITICAL Opening Page

Thursday, Feb 25, 2021, 6:00 PM

Online event

1 Writers Attending

When I queried a publisher about my latest supernatural novel, they responded by requesting the FIRST THREE PARAGRAPHS! Then they asked for the first three chapters, followed by the full. Soon, they offered a contract. Will YOUR novel’s opening pages hook them? If you’re not sure, let me help you. I’m an author and a certified editor specializing i…

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Amazon’s Top Ten Bestsellers!

Hooray! My ‘how to plot a modern novel,’ PLOT YOUR WAY TO PUBLICATION: From Idea to Outline, hit #9 in the Top Ten Amazon bestsellers! If you’re still struggling with writing a novel’s 3-act structure, this ebook will help. Complete with chart templates to guide you.

It’s currently on a Kindle countdown deal, so if you haven’t read it, now’s th time!

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Some Exciting New Things Happening!

FROM THE PAINTED TOMB: Something Ancient is on its Way is beginning audio production! Hooray!

I’m also starting a newsletter. I’ll offer contests, give-aways and include some of my favorite author’s books. I’ll occasionally include some writing tips and/or articles about writing, editing, or struggling through the writing & publishing process.

If you’d like to be among the first to hear about what’s happening and have a chance to win a pdf, and, when it’s available, an audio version, send an email to me with your email address. I’ll be happy to include you, and I promise to only send my newsletter when I have something to share.

Thanks, y’all! Let’s all look forward to a great New Year!



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At some point during the writing process, most writers wonder if they need an editor. When they contact me, they usually begin with two questions: what do you do, and how much will it cost?  

My fees are determined by the amount of time and effort I’ll need to invest to help an individual writer—and the level of editing that writer requests. Is the author an experienced writer familiar with the craft who simply needs proofing or copyediting for typos, wrong word choice, or sentence structure? Or is the writer a newbie who needs all the expertise I can provide? 

Typically I ask for two or three pages, although I can usually determine the author’s level of writing skill within the first page. I base my fee on that level, and once the deposit is completed and the contract signed, the work begins.

During the first reading, I’m not overly concerned with typos, wrong word usage etc; instead, I’m interested in how the story is written. Is it interesting? Would I ignore the nagging clock to keep reading? If so, then I can concentrate on other elements—sentence structure, POV, the M-R unit, etc. If I’m fidgeting, wondering what’s on TV, thinking I should be cleaning the oven instead of reading, I wonder why. I go through the pages again and make notes: do the different acts have the necessary elements to invite me to continue reading? Does the middle sag? 

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Midwest Book Reviews

red-horus-w-reddish-bottomHorror and fantasy readers seeking vivid writing and stories that stand out will find Brenda Hill’s FROM THE PAINTED TOMB,a richly rewarding survey of Krista Hawthorne, whose only legacy is an ankh pendant inherited from her deceased mother. Read more ›

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Writers! Ready to Publish? Don’t Make the Mistakes I’ve Made.

Join my Meetup’s Zoom series on THE 5 TIERS OF PUBLISHING, and discover the best publishing method for you:


To help you avoid the problems I’ve encountered, we’ll take each method, compare the pro & cons, and answer questions. By doing so, you’ll have a better idea of the choices available when you’re ready to publish and avoid the mistakes I made.

Some of the subjects we’ll cover:

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Supernatural w/Romantic Elements Released in ebook!


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March 2023