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L. Cooper Press is pleased to announce our manuscript evaluation service.

Many writers, especially new ones, wonder if their manuscripts are ready for publication. If they rush to publication with a weak manuscript, what will the reading public think? Often they voice opinions by scathing reviews and later revisions may not help.

So before you publish, check our service and take advantage of our OPENING SPECIAL:

Evaluation of the first 3 Chapters of your novel for only $50!

Manuscript evaluation:


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August 10, 2014 · 9:21 am

L. Cooper Press

L. Cooper Press is proud to announce the addition of UK author Victoria Howard as the new UK Author Liaison.

Welcome, Victoria!

Jenny in green 200

Victoria Howard


L. Cooper Press – A  Writer/Publisher Co-op. You keep all the advantages of self-publishing, yet you’ll hve the benefit of a publisher’s imprint and resources.

Victoria Howard

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August 7, 2014 · 8:03 pm

A New Publisher

A new small press:


L. Cooper Press


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July 31, 2014 · 8:16 pm

The House on Serpent Lake paperback

To those of you who’ve waited, it’s finally happening: THOSL will be released in paperback within the next couple of weeks. Hooray! Just keep checking Amazon and when it’s available, you’ll see it listed in the Format box to the right of the cover:


Here’s the front and back cover, which I love. What do you think?



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July 24, 2014 · 7:59 pm

The Dreaded Synopsis


At the next Novel Writers Workshop scheduled this Thursday, we’ll tackle the synopsis. By following some basic suggestions, each writer will compose a one-pager and the rest of us will critique and offer our own suggestions. The goal? To produce one to entice an editor/publisher to read the manuscript instead of putting them to sleep.

Meetup new banner400

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July 20, 2014 · 5:53 pm

Age of Electronics?

Today started out cool and cloudy, a perfect day for shopping, so I tore myself away from the computer and ran some errands. I even had lunch with a couple of friends and spent too much money, but oh, it was fun. It’s amazing how the world revolves while I’m nose to computer, working out plots, gathering material for the next novel writers workshop. I love all the new equipment on the market today, altho I have no clue how to work most of it. Makes me feel ancient when I see fingers of grade-school kids flying over everything as if they were born knowing how to operate all the gadgets.

But I’m continually amazed at our civilization. Everyone seems to be able to operate complicated electronics, but evidently few people know how to flush. This is a far-reaching problem, from the local bookstore to a major department store. And it’s getting worse.

I don’t know if it’s a brain blockage or something in Southern California’s water that causes this deficiency. I just hope I don’t catch it. RGB

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July 19, 2014 · 6:22 am


To my amazement and shame, I realized it had been months since my last post. Oh, I have some great excuses: a recent major household move which involved looking at properties, finding one, contract negotiation, the waiting to hear, acceptance, the actual move, unpacking, and getting back to business.  For a writer, getting back to business means getting back to writing. And that’s where I’ve floundered. I’ve suffered from that  horrible affliction  - procrastination. 

lazy kitten200

Know what that means to a writer? Oh, I know how the dictionary defines it: ‘to put off intentionally and habitually,’ and that’s very true. But for a writer, it’s a double-whammy – losing days, weeks, months of valuable writing time, and losing touch with other writers and readers.

I’ve also been undecided about WHAT to write. I’ve received requests to write sequels, especially for With Full Malice and The House on Serpent Lake. But while the ideas are appealing, I just couldn’t work up any enthusiasm for either, and a writer has to love an idea in order to work on it day after day, week after week, month after month.

So again, procrastination.

But thanks to a friend who bounced ideas with me,  I’ve started another novel. And I’m excited about it. I won’t say anything else at this point, only that it’s a paranormal. Or perhaps supernatural. And it has to do with changing shapes.

I hope none of you have suffered from my affliction, altho I’ve heard it has the ability to spread fast. Especially during warm summer days. And winter. Ok, spring and fall too. Guess we really have to have diligence to survive it.

Till next time, thanks, y’all.


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July 2, 2014 · 7:13 pm

Novel Writers Workshop

Meetup new banner600

The workshop on SCENE & SEQUEL The Building Blocks of your Novel, was excellent. We had a good turnout, the bookstore was quiet so we could interact without interruption, and we met a couple of new members. One woman even traveled from Apple Valley, so I thought that was great.

For the first section, SCENE, I explained how to construct one, what it should include and what NOT to include and passed out templates I use when writing my novels. I asked the members to fill in the blank spaces with information from their own novels so they could see more clearly the issues of their own scenes, what’s important and what is not. Each member read their sections, and we, as a group, offered suggestions on how to make their scenes more dynamic.

For the next workshop, we’ll talk about the SEQUEL, and again I’ll hand out templates so they can identify more clearly what should be included.

I’m very proud of our members, which includes a husband & wife team who writes historical romance, and their first novel was recently published; a woman who has published through a Christian novel publisher; and we have newbies – writers who are just beginning their journeys. It’s exciting to watch them understand the technique they have heard about but may not have understood its use. I’m happy to help them along the way.

Novel Writers Workshop, Redlands, CA

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December 18, 2013 · 3:53 pm

The Sketchpad

I’ve been wavering between writing another paranormal or going back to the mystery/thriller genre and I’ve finally decided—rather a certain character has me more intrigued right now, so, I’ve begun a new mystery/thriller with a touch of the paranormal:


After a near-fatal accident down a Colorado mountainside, a police sketch artist awakens from a coma with visions of murder, compelling her to join the search for a serial rapist who’s escalated to murder. Coming to terms with her new ability taxes her marriage, threatens her sanity, and finally, her life.

Hope you’ll like it!

Brenda Hill 



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November 27, 2013 · 9:04 pm